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Architectural Railing Assemblies

Architectural railings are used as stair rails, deck railings, and garage railings in residential and commercial properties.

Cable Railing Smooth Line Turnbuckle Ends

Deck Toggle

  • Description - Deck Toggle Smooth Line Turnbuckle (#60-702-1) machine swaged to 3/16" 1x19 stainless steel cable
  •  Application - High-end cable railing where tensioning threads cannot be visible


  • Description - Button Smooth Line Turnbuckle (# 60-712-LF) swaged to 3/16" 1x19 stainless steel aircraft cable; Button screws on.
  • Application - To secure the turnbuckle to a post

Cable Railing Terminal Ends (non tensioning)

Deck Terminal

Architectural Railing
  • Description - Deck terminal (#25-314-1T) machine swaged to 3/16" 1x19 stainless steel cable
  • Application - Mounts to any surface; can be through-bolted by its two tabs; toggles 140 degrees.

 Button Terminal


  • Description - Button terminal (#25-306-5F) machine swaged to 3/16" 1x19 stainless steel cable
  • Application - Secures via through-post termination

Toggle Jaw

Architectural Railing

  • Description - Toggle jaw (#25-314) machine swaged onto 3/16" 1x19 stainless steel cable
  • Application - The turnbuckle jaw easily attaches to eyes, tabs or in a channel. The cable is terminated internally; swage terminal is not visible.




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