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Lexco - Custom Cable Assemblies

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General Products
Wire Rope
Structural Strand & Bridge Rope
Aircraft Cable
Coated Cables: Vinyl, Nylon &
Black Powdercoat Cables
Architectural Railings & Hardware
Push-Pull Controls
Cutting & Swaging (Crimping) Tools
Bungee Cords
Nylon Cable Ties
General Products
Cable Slings

Assorted Custom Cable Assemblies:

  Loop End Cables

  Button Stop Cables

  Stamped Eyelet Cables

  Threaded Plug Cables

  Custom End Fitting Cables
  Cog Cable
  Key Chain Cables

Coiled Cable Assemblies:

  Small Coiled Cables

  Large Coiled Cables

Push-Pull Control Assemblies
Architectural Railing Assemblies

Structural Support Assemblies

Fall Protection Cable Assemblies

Bungee Cord Assemblies

Retail Security:
Tether Assemblies

Automotive Cable Assemblies:

  Winch Cables

  Emergency Tow Cables 

  Trailer Safety Cables

Multi-Purpose Security Cables:

  Coiled Cable - Key Lock

  Coiled Cable - Loop on Each End

  Coiled Cable - Combination Lock

  Straight Cable - Key Lock

  Straight Cable - Loop on Each End



Cable Fittings
Button Stops
Plain Balls
Single & Double Shank Balls
Stamped Eyes & Ring Terminals
Studs & Threaded Plugs
Eye Ends, Fork Ends, Strap Forks, Bushings & Pins
Swageless Mechanical Fittings 
Cable Jointers (Kwik-Loc)
Tiller Clamps
Spelter Sockets
Swage Sockets
Cable Hardware
Structural Hardware (Clevises, Rod)
Eye Bolts
Wire Rope Clips
Quick Links
Bolt Snaps & Snap Hooks
Round & "D" Rings
Lanyard Mounting Tab
Fitness Cable Parts
Pull Testing & Proof Loading
Fuse Cutting
Mechanical Cutting
Swaging (Crimping)
Cable Rewinding
Sonic Welding

Lexco Case Studies

Interested in seeing how Lexco Cable products are used in a variety of applications? We've gathered together a number of projects for which we've supplied cable assemblies, wire rope products, and our services in various industries. Click any of the links below to read more about what we offer our customers, or view our projects on Houzz.

View projects on Houzz />

Axel Design Jump Rope
Cable for Bow Assembly
Coil Assembly
Coiled Cable Assembly with Looped Ends
Development and Manufacturing of Walkway Cable
Direction Cable Assembly
Neptune's Brewery Hops Trellis/Fencing
Mine Safety Tether Kit
YMCA Community Garden



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