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Lexco - Custom Cable Assemblies
General Products
Wire Rope
Structural Strand & Bridge Rope
Aircraft Cable
Coated Cables: Vinyl, Nylon &
Black Powdercoat Cables
Architectural Railings & Hardware
Push-Pull Controls
Cutting & Swaging (Crimping) Tools
Bungee Cords
Nylon Cable Ties
General Products
Cable Slings

Assorted Custom Cable Assemblies:

  Loop End Cables

  Button Stop Cables

  Stamped Eyelet Cables

  Threaded Plug Cables

  Custom End Fitting Cables
  Cog Cable
  Key Chain Cables

Coiled Cable Assemblies:

  Small Coiled Cables

  Large Coiled Cables

Push-Pull Control Assemblies
Architectural Railing Assemblies

Structural Support Assemblies

Fall Protection Cable Assemblies

Bungee Cord Assemblies

Retail Security:
Tether Assemblies

Automotive Cable Assemblies:

  Winch Cables

  Emergency Tow Cables 

  Trailer Safety Cables

Multi-Purpose Security Cables:

  Coiled Cable - Key Lock

  Coiled Cable - Loop on Each End

  Coiled Cable - Combination Lock

  Straight Cable - Key Lock

  Straight Cable - Loop on Each End



Cable Fittings
Button Stops
Plain Balls
Single & Double Shank Balls
Stamped Eyes & Ring Terminals
Studs & Threaded Plugs
Eye Ends, Fork Ends, Strap Forks, Bushings & Pins
Swageless Mechanical Fittings 
Cable Jointers (Kwik-Loc)
Tiller Clamps
Spelter Sockets
Swage Sockets
Cable Hardware
Structural Hardware (Clevises, Rod)
Eye Bolts
Wire Rope Clips
Quick Links
Bolt Snaps & Snap Hooks
Round & "D" Rings
Lanyard Mounting Tab
Fitness Cable Parts
Pull Testing & Proof Loading
Fuse Cutting
Mechanical Cutting
Swaging (Crimping)
Cable Rewinding
Sonic Welding



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