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Eye Ends, Fork Ends, Strap Forks, Bushings & Pins Stainless Steel

The fork and eye can swivel around the ball end fitting allowing the load to twist freely without transferring tension to the cableMS Fittings do no include clevis pins or cotter pins.  These must be ordered separately.

View Strap Fork, Eye End, Fork End, Bushing & Pin FAQs

Fork Ends (MS20667)

View Fork Ends

Eye Ends (MS20668)

Eye Ends Table

Fork Ends & Eye Ends - Commercial Grade

View Eye Ends Table

View Swage Jaw Table

View Swage Toggle Table

View Swage Fork Table

Strap, Eye Ends & Strap, Fork Ends

View Strap, Eye Ends Table

  • Strap, Eye End - NAS 1453-E

View Strap, Fork Ends Table

  • Strap, Fork End - NAS 1453-K

Bushings, Clevis Pins, & Cotter Pins


  • Cable Bushing - AN111
  • Clevis Pin - P11

View Bushings, Clevis Pins, & Cotter PinsTable


  • Type I, Type II, & Type III

View Clevises Table 

Ring Eye Terminals

View Ring Eye Terminals Table 

Pin Eye Terminals

View Pin Eye Terminals Table 





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