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6x7 class FC (Sand Line & Trawl Cable), Wire Rope

6x7 Class FC Galvanized - 
Rope Information: 6x7 Right Regular Lay, Extra Improved Plow Steel, Drawn Galvanized, Poly Core, C-Lube. US FEDERAL SPECIFICATION RR-W-410D
  • Also known as sash cord

  • Light duty iron

  • Often used in applications where an inexpensive metallic cord of relatively low strength is required

  • Dry (Unlubricated)

  • Commonly used as fishing rope
6x7 Class Class FC Bright
This 6 x 7 class wire rope has a fiber core and bright finish. it's also sometimes referred to as a sand line steel wire rope because of its uses in the oil, gas, and water well driller industries. A fiber core offers flexibility, while the larger wire construction makes it extremely resistant to abrasion.
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