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Aluminum Button Stops, Wire Rope

When hand crimped, aluminum button stops provide a holding strength approximately 1/3 that of rated cable strength, whereas, when machine swaged, up to 50% of the cable break strength can be achieved. This higher holding strength is one reason why Lexco prefers to prefabricate our customers cable assemblies. It is recommended that a pull test be performed to verify holding strength.


Aluminum button stops are available for cable diameters from 1/16” to 5/16”. While the length of aluminum button stops are standard, they can be special ordered in longer lengths. For example, in 1/16”, the standard length is 0.156”, but Lexco also stocks an extra long 1/16” model with 0.397” length.

Lexco’s aluminum button stops are available with certificates of RoHS conformance upon request.

Note: The holding strength of an aluminum button stop is affected by the construction of the cable onto which it is installed. A button stop installed on a 7x7 cable will yield a different holding strength than an identical button stop installed on a 1x19 cable, for example.

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