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Bungee Cord

Lexco Cable offers nylon shock cord for tethering, tie-down, and other applications. These bungee cords feature nylon outer yarn around their rubber cores instead of polypropylene. Because nylon holds up to moisture better than polypropylene, nylon bungee cord is better suited for outdoor applications where wet conditions may be encountered, such as camping or marine use.

Our nylon shock cord is available in diameters from 1/8” to 1/2" and in any length our customers require. We cut-to-length in-house, and can add end fittings as needed, including heavy- or light-duty hooks, balls, and hog ring crimps. We also offer ready-to-ship shock cord assemblies in a variety of lengths with end hooks already installed.

Our nylon shock cord comes standard with white sheathing and black tracer. Other colors are available upon request.

Note: Bungee cord is not load rated and is not designed for critical load applications. Safe stretch length is typically 100% of relaxed length.

Request a quote on nylon shock cord for your application, or contact Lexco Cable for more information.

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