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Cushion-Pac® 8

Cushion-Pac®8 ropes significantly increase rope performance and productivity

  • A proven 8x31 IWRC rope design and specialized construction properties improve flexibility and rope fatigue life.
  • Dy-Pac strand compaction increases the steel area of the individual strands, producing a rope with improved resistance to crushing, improved drum spooling and increased lifting capacity.
  • A fully cushioned core, utilizing WRI’s exclusive plastic enhancement process, protects the inner rope throughout its cycle of life and allows for external inspection of operational wear.
  • Greater rope contact area increases rope life and reduces drum and sheave wear.
  • Specially formulated lubrication increases rope performance and reduces the effects of corrosion.
  • Blue/Green core traces make it easy to identify Cushion-Pac® 8 high performance ropes.
  • Completely cushioned core uses an exclusive plastic enhancement process from WRI to protect the inner rope for the product's life cycle, allowing operators to inspect the rope for wear and damage.

  • Improved flexibility and extended product life due to a verified 8x31 IWRC rope design and specialize construction properties.

  • Increased resistance to crushing, increased lifting capacity, and improved drum spooling due to individual strands with steel areas increased by Dy-Pac strand compaction.

  • Extended rope life and reduced drum and sheave wear due to greater rope area.

  • Improved rope performance and reduced corrosion effects due to specially formulated lubrication

  • Easily identifiable due to Blue/Green core tracers.

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