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Push-Pull Control FAQs

What are the most common cable constructions used in push pull controls and what are their application differences?
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7 x 19 cables are extremely flexible making them ideal for pull assemblies. They are capable of going over tight 90º bends or over very small pulleys (~3” diameter).

7 x 7 cables are moderately flexible making them suitable for pull applications with ~ 45º bends and medium-sized pulleys.

1 x 19 is a coarse strand cable with little flexibility making it appropriate for push-type applications.

Solid Wire has minimal flexibility and is suitable for straight-run applications.

Which conduit type is used in frequent or continually cycling push-pull applications?
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For this type of push-pull application, a lined conduit such as Polyethylene lined is used to reduce friction.

Which conduit type is the commonly used in industrial applications?
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Lined "Bowden" Conduits are used in industrial applications because of their tight winding and crush resistance.

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