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Fork Ends (Commercial & MS20667)

Fork Ends (Commercial & MS20667)
Fork Ends (Commercial & MS20667)

When referring to “fork ends” and “open swage sockets,” it is inferred that the clevis end of the fitting is fixed to the swage area. In other words, both portions of the fitting are one continuous piece.

Lexco Cable supplies both commercial grade and MIL SPEC (MS20667) fork ends. Typically machined from 304 stainless steel, they are available in various sizes to accommodate cable from 1/16” to 1” in diameter.

Commercial and military grade fork ends must be machine swaged for proper hold strength. Please contact a Lexco sales representative to receive an assembly quote.

MIL SPEC fork ends do not include clevis pins (must be ordered separately).

Please specify “commercial grade” or “military grade” when ordering.

Swageless jaw ends are also available from Lexco.

Note: A fork end’s hold strength is affected by the construction of the cable to which it is attached. For example, a fork end installed on a 7x7 cable may yield a different holding strength than an identical fork end installed on a 1x19 cable.

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