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Sleeves, Wire Rope

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Sleeves are used to create loop ends on wire rope or aircraft cable assemblies, often in conjunction with thimbles, or to attach two assemblies to each other. Custom aluminum sleeve lengths are available in bulk. Hourglass (duplex) sleeves allow for the smoothest swage.

Sleeves are available in several different material options. The most common and economical sleeve material is aluminum. Copper sleeves are available plain or with tin or zinc plating. Stainless steel sleeves are also available. Stainless steel Type 304 sleeves are typical, but stainless steel Type 316 may also be quoted upon request. Copper sleeves and stainless steel Type 304 sleeves are available in accordance with MS51844. Stainless steel military spec MS51844 sleeves are available only as ovals.

Sleeves are designed to hold the nominal break strength of aircraft cable and general purpose wire ropes. Crimping with a hand tool may reduce the holding strength. If crimping a coated cable, crimping on top of the coating will result in light duty strength. The coating should be stripped in order to crimp directly to the cable for optimum strength.

Fiber rope sleeves are available in aluminum and designed for cordage such as bungee or braided rope.

Carbon steel and stainless steel sleeves are also available in Flemish type if required. A Flemish loop is formed by splicing the ends of the strands back into the main body of the rope. Please inform your Lexco sales representative if your application calls for a Flemish loop. Flemish loops are commonly made for lifting slings and critical applications.

Please visit our Sleeve FAQs for more information.


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