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Strap Forks (Commercial & NAS1435-K), Wire Rope

Lexco Cable offers both commercial and Naval-spec (NAS1435-K) strap forks. When installed, a strap fork is not swaged directly onto the cable, but rather swivels on a separate end fitting, allowing the load to twist without putting tension on the cable.

NAS1435-K strap forks are designed to be installed via MS20664 single shank balls. The spherical shape of the single shank ball helps the fork to swivel. The shank of the single shank ball also provides a shoulder that protect the cable from friction.

Most commercial strap forks do not have a ball-shaped pocket at the base, and are referred to as “strap clevises.” Commercial strap clevises are compatible with single shank balls, but are also used in tandem with button stops or zinc die-cast barrels.

Our commercial and Naval grade strap forks are available in multiple sizes to accommodate cable diameters between 3/64” and 3/16”. Please specify “commercial grade” or “Naval grade” when ordering.

Strap forks do not include clevis pins (must be ordered separately). 

Note:The hold strength of a strap fork is affected by the construction of the cable to which it is attached. A strap fork installed on a 7x7 cable may yield a different holding strength than an identical strap fork installed on a 1x19 cable, for example

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