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Custom Cable Assemblies: Built for you & delivered when you need them.
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About us

Lexco Cable creates tether solutions with wire rope, aircraft cable, and bungee cord.

Do you need to hold it down, hold it up, restrain it or release it?  Lexco fabricates mechanical cable and bungee assemblies to do just these things.

  • For an international leather goods manufacturer for use in retail shops, a vinyl-coated cable assembly to hold down purses
  • For Alaska fishermen to use as a boat anchor, a bridle cable assembly.
  • For private homeowners for deck railings, architectural railings as a fencing substitute.
  • For a JPL Mars space flight, a cable assembly with a specific breaking strength to tether a robotic arm.
  • For car dealerships, a cable assembly to sell as a spare tire lockdown.
  • For the trades, cable assemblies, some with bright lime green vinyl-coating, to tie down tools like a rotary saw; cable assemblies for hinges on tool box doors.
  • For slot machines in the gaming industry, a push-pull control cable to use as part of the internal mechanism.
  • For the airline industry crew to use as fall protection cables (some with safety orange vinyl coating), work crew tethers to a safety anchor; Lexco supplies the cable and hooks that attach to the safety anchor as a backup fall protection.
  • For the trucking industry, trailer trucks use cable assemblies to tie down tarpaulins.
  • For the chemical industry, cable assemblies are used in fire protection cabinets (stored chemicals ignite; cable assembly has an S link; the link melts and allows the cabinet to shut itself and seal itself).
  • For computer physical security applications, cable assemblies can secure laptops.
  • For the RV industry, cable assemblies hold the sidewall up when the RV is parked so people in the RV and can use the open access as a pass-through.
  • For blending machines, bungee assemblies hold vibrating machines in place; motor mount cable assemblies used to dampen vibrations.
  • For lumber freight train transportation, lumber trailer cable assemblies hold lumber in place.
  • For pull box lightweight security, pull box cables are attached to a spring to enable remote control.
  • For a Fortune 100 retailer, cable assemblies used to hang pictures.

Lexco has domestic and overseas manufacturing capability. We have a network of suppliers for wire rope, cable, micro-sized cable, bungee, fittings, and related services to provide you with your specific custom cable or bungee assembly. We can provide vinyl and nylon extrusion. We have hydraulic presses and fuse cutters. We have pull testing capabilities for your proof testing and pull testing requirements.

Lexco Cable is a family-owned and operated business. It began as a hardware store and Schwinn franchise on Chicago’s west side in the 1950s. It continued as a Schwinn bicycle shop on the city’s north side in the 60s. In the 70s, Lexco began making bicycle security cables. During the 1980s and 1990s, industrial applications for cable and wire rope were developed, and capabilities supporting applications fleshed out. In the 2000s, bungee assemblies and their unique elements were developed.

We enjoy the challenges of new applications and welcome your inquiries.


Lexco Hydraulic Press used to swage (crimp) end fittings on to a custom cable assembly.

Lexco header card from our first line of custom cable locks circa 1973.




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