Discover a vast assortment of bungee cords, components, and assemblies that are ready to meet your needs.

Lexco® Cable supplies a full line of bungee cords, components, and assemblies. Our top quality bungee ropes are ideal for tethering, tie-down, fitness, sign hanging, and dozens of other applications. Bungee cord is known by several different industry names, including shock cord and fibertex cord. All of these terms describe the same product.

We cut bungee cord in-house to our customers’ length requirements, and can install the hooks, ball ends, or hog ring crimps you need as well. We also offer a variety of ready-to-ship bungee rope assemblies in various lengths and with light- or heavy-duty hooks already installed.

Both domestic and imported bungee cord is available. Please let us know if you have specific requirements regarding this. Upon special request, Lexco® can quote bungee cord per MIL-C-5651 and USPS-C-10.

Note: Bungee is not load rated and is not designed for critical load applications. Safe stretch length is typically 100% of relaxed length.

Request a quote today for the bungee cord, fittings, and assemblies you need, or contact Lexco® Cable to learn more.

To see more examples of Bungee Cords, visit our Gallery.