Lexco® Cable has the wire rope and aircraft cable hardware and tools you need to safely and effectively rig your wire rope and get the job done.


Lexco® Cable offers a large selection of wire rope and aircraft cable hardware and tools. Our hardware items are made for attaching cable and wire rope to structures, supports, and other cables and wire ropes. Unlike our cable fittings, this hardware is not crimped or swaged to the wire rope or cable but is attached through other means, generally through an eyehole on the hardware itself. Our tools are designed to make working with and attaching aircraft cable, wire rope, and hardware faster, easier, and safer.

All of our aircraft cable and wire rope hardware is available in bulk quantities or as part of a complete cable assembly. We specialize in cable assembly fabrication to save you time and money in additional production costs.

Request a quote for the aircraft cable or wire rope hardware items or tools you need, or contact Lexco® for more information. If you cannot find the hardware items or tools that you need in our online inventory, please contact your Lexco® Cable sales representative. We’ll be happy to help you find the ideal product for your application.

To see more examples of Wire Rope Hardware, visit our Gallery.