Anchoring a fixture or moving a load? Lexco® Cable has the right eye bolt to get the job done. Eye bolts are available in various styles to meet the needs of any application. We offer both domestic (Made in the USA) and imported eye bolts.

Our inventory includes zinc plated, galvanized, and stainless steel eye bolts. All varieties are available with machine threads or lag threads. Lag threads are preferable for anchoring wire ropes and aircraft cables to wood. Our eye bolt selection includes short-shank/machinery eye bolts which meet mil spec MS51937.

Our eye bolts are available in forged or formed-and-bent construction—forged are stronger for heavier loads; formed-and-bent eye bolts are intended for light duty applications. Forged eye bolts are available with shoulders if you have a mounting surface or load you require the eye bolt to be flush with.

Most of our eye bolts are threaded only at the end of the shank. Fully threaded eye bolts are available upon special request.

Eye bolts have optimal strength efficiency on straight pulls. Angular lifting or shock loads drastically reduce the working load limit.

All our eye bolts are available in bulk quantities, or as part of completed cable assemblies. We provide cable assembly fabrication services to save you time and money in additional production costs.

Please let your Lexco® sales representative know if you have a special washer or nut request with your eye bolt.

Request a quote on eye bolts for your application, or contact Lexco® Cable for more information. If you don’t see the eye bolts you need in our online inventory, please contact us for assistance. We’re here to help!

To see more examples of Wire Rope Eye Bolts, visit our Gallery.