For applications where it makes sense to use a member with more rigidity than cable/strand, thread rod may be appropriate. Lexco® Cable carries high quality threaded rod/tie rod components. We can fabricate and assembly your required through rod assembly, and we also offer everything customers need to create complete tie rod systems, including:

One important design factor on thread rod assemblies is thread direction. If one is using a piece of all-thread rod, it’s typical to install a turnbuckle body at one end. Turnbuckle bodies have left-hand thread on one side and right-hand thread on the other.

Adjustable yoke ends are a great alternative to clevises in thread sizes up to 3/4". Clevises are generally more expensive than adjustable yoke ends because clevises are all custom. If ordering a clevis, please specify thread tap, grip, and pin-hole sizes. Adjustable yoke ends and clevises are sometimes used on cable assemblies because they can be threaded onto studs. Clevises and adjustable yoke ends generally do not come with clevis pins included, so please specify if your application requires clevis pins.

If you need a non-standard or custom tie rod component that’s not listed on our website, please contact Lexco® Cable and we will be happy to review your request.

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