Quick links are ideal for hardware attachment and myriad other applications, as they do not require tools for installation. They are easy to use, opening and closing with captive screw nuts. Lexco® Cable offers these handy hardware components in zinc plated carbon steel and stainless steel construction. Multiple shapes are available, including standard, wide jaw, square, and others. Quick links are load rated, so please be sure to select the right size for your application

Lexco® Cable’s standard quick links are intended for industrial applications. If you have a critical application, such as climbing, harness, or fall restraint, please notify your salesman so suitable product recommendations can be made. For example, high quality French-made options or alternative materials with higher load ratings are available upon special request.

Request a quote on the quick links you need, or contact Lexco® Cable for more information. 

To see more examples of Wire Rope Quick Links, visit our Gallery.