Lexco® Cable carries a variety of cable crimping tools designed for use with cable from 1/32” to 3/8" in diameter. From the best-selling, versatile, 5-cavity Model 1SC (HSC600) to single cavity models to battery operated models to specialty architectural (cable railing) models, Lexco® offers a wide selection.

These hand crimp tools are designed for crimping sleeves, crimping aluminum and copper button stops, and select other fittings, but are not universal and cannot be used to swage every wire rope fitting we offer. For example, some fittings that are typically not designed for manual or simple crimping include ball ends, stamped eyelets, and many threaded studs/plugs. If you are unsure which cable crimping tool your application requires, or if you have questions about tools for specialty applications, please contact Lexco® Cable for assistance.

Our simple, hand-operated cable crimping tools are ideal for prototypes and limited low-volume production. However, crimping is best done by machine—Lexco® Cable has the equipment, the tooling, the experience, and the personnel to provide our customers with top quality, mechanically swaged assemblies in high quantities.

Our in-house assembly and production processes are fast, efficient, and cost-effective enough to cancel out savings customers may realize by performing their crimp operations manually. Machine swaging also provides higher and more consistent holding strength and cleaner crimp markings. Contact Lexco® for more information, or request a quote on crimping and swaging for your project.