Step up your cable railings with high-quality components for decks, balconies, staircases, and more.

Lexco® Cable supplies all the cables, end fittings, and related hardware you need to construct complete architectural cable railings/deck railings. Cable railings can be built for horizontal, angled, and vertical applications. We have component parts and build pre-fabricated assemblies for residential, commercial, or marine railing applications.

Because every architectural cable railing design is different, Lexco® Cable stocks a wide range of components and assemblies to help you build the perfect railing for your needs. We offer 1x19 stainless steel strand cable in Type 304 and Type 316, as well as a variety of turnbuckles, end fittings, and more. Our architectural cable railing products are available in all common and popular sizes, with specialty call-outs available upon request. Coated cables are also available upon request.

We also offer expert assistance for those designing their own architectural cable railing system(s). Our experienced team will help you find the right cable, assemblies, turnbuckles, and fittings for your requirements. There’s a lot more to creating sound architectural cable railings/deck railings than many builders realize, so professional assistance can make a world of difference!

Request a quote for the architectural cable railing components and assemblies you need, or contact Lexco® Cable for more information.

To see more examples of Architectural Cable Railing Components, visit our Gallery.