Whether you’re a large company or a single individual, our push-pull control cables are custom built to meet your needs.

Lexco® Cable manufactures a wide range of push pull controls for remote access latch releases, safety breaks, automotive hood releases, gaming industry applications, and myriad other uses. Our push pull cable controls are built with superior performance and durability in mind.

Our push pull controls are custom built to meet your needs. Cable material, cable type, inner assemblies, outer conduits, stroke/travel, and other features can be tailored to your specifications. Conduit liners, lubricated inner members, actuation springs, and other additional components can also be added.

In addition to manufacturing our own standard and custom push pull controls, Lexco® is also a certified assembler of Cablecraft brand push pull controls.

Request a quote for push pull controls for your project, or contact Lexco® Cable for additional information.

Looking to get more hands-on with Push-Pull Controls?
View examples in our gallery or download our Push-Pull Control Guide.

Push Pull Controls