The Cablecraft hardware you’ll find within here can be sold a la carte but we can also build it into your Cablecraft Push-Pull control.

  • Rod ends in a push-pull control have an external thread that conveniently threads into rod ends and ball joints.  They are convenient, versatile linkage solutions.
  • Strap clevis are typically retained by a swaged cable fitting.  There are circumstances where they can be placed onto threaded ends and retained by a nut.  Strap clevis’ are best suited for pull-only controls.  We also can supply thread-on clevis’ upon request.
  • Wire stops are typically used on commercial pull-only controls.  They can be installed on up to a 1/8” inner cable.
  • U-Bolts and shim clamps allow you to mount and stabilize your Cablecraft push-pull control.  This is important to reduce loss of energy during actuation.

If you don’t find the hardware item on this page, please reach out to one of our knowledgeable sales representatives.

To see more examples of Push-Pull Control Hardware, visit our Gallery.