Clevises feature female threading for fast and easy installation onto a threaded rod. We offer a wide range of clevis dimensions to meet our customers’ requirements.

Clevises are essentially custom items, as they must meet a range of specifications in order to be compatible with the connecting hardware. When requesting a quote for the clevises you need, please specify the following:

For “standard” or “off-the-shelf” clevis solutions, please see our adjustable yoke ends. If your application requires specialty clevises you don’t see listed on this site, please contact Lexco® Cable and we will be happy to review your request.

Adjustable yoke ends work in the same way as and serve the same purpose as clevises. However, with fewer variables involved, adjustable yoke ends are more of the “standard” or “off-the-shelf” variation of these products.

Lexco® Cable carries adjustable yoke ends in a range of sizes up to 3/4" thread size. If your application requires clevises with 3/4" thread size or smaller, our adjustable yoke ends may be the perfect product for your needs.

We offer adjustable yoke ends in self-colored steel, zinc-plated steel, and stainless steel. The material of your threaded rods and adjustable yoke ends must be compatible for proper installation and performance.

Adjustable yoke ends are often supplied as part of a push-pull control.

Lexco® Cable supplies a wide range of both straight and headed clevis pins as accessories to our clevises and related hardware. For installation, straight clevis pins require cotter pins on both ends, while headed clevis pins require cotter pins only at the end opposite the head. All clevis pin purchases typically include the necessary cotter pins.

We also carry clevis pins specific to MIL-SPEC fork ends, and can supply specialty clevis pins for push-pull assemblies, upon request.

If you need specialty adjustable yoke ends that you can’t find listed on our website, please contact Lexco® Cable and we will be happy to review your request.

Please visit our Sturctural Hardware FAQs for more information on Clevises & Yoke Ends.

To see more examples of Wire Rope Clevises and Yoke Ends, visit our Gallery.