Lexco® Cable carries a full line of cable turnbuckles for adjusting the tension or length of wire ropes and aircraft cables when they’re attached to structures, supports, or other cables or wire ropes. Turnbuckles are available with various end connectors, including hooks, eyes, and jaws. Threaded studs are also available. We stock both domestic (Made in the USA) turnbuckles and imported models.

We offer galvanized and stainless steel turnbuckles for various applications, such as marine and architectural, as well as midget turnbuckles for light-duty applications. Corresponding jam nuts are available upon request. For aerospace applications, we offer turnbuckle body MS21251, clevis MS21252, eye MS21254, eye MS21255, and turnbuckle locking clip MS21256.

Architectural and marine turnbuckles are stainless steel Type 316. Architectural turnbuckles for cable railing applications have close (pipe) bodies. Cable railing turnbuckles are typically machine swaged to the cable, but some models can be field installed via hand tool 53-215 or swageless models via wrench.

Imported forged, galvanized turnbuckles meet US Federal FF-T-791B specs; domestic-made forged, galvanized turnbuckles meet ASTM F1145-91 Type 1, Grade 1 specs.

All varieties of turnbuckle we stock are available in bulk quantities or as part of completed cable assemblies. Lexco specializes in cable assembly fabrication, to save our customers valuable time and money in production costs.

To view standard swaged turnbuckles, please visit our Architectural Cable Railing Components page. If you are looking for open body or closed body swageless turnbuckles, please see our Swageless Fittings page.

Note: There are three ways to specify the callout of the turnbuckles your application requires. Most common is, for example, 1/2 x 6, where “1/2” signifies the thread size, and “6” signifies the take up, or how much thread length is useable for adjustment. Instead of specifying take up, turnbuckles can also be specified by “open length,” where the turnbuckle ends are fully extended; or, “closed length,” where the ends are turned fully into the body.

Request a quote for the cable turnbuckles you need, or contact Lexco® Cable for more information. If you don’t see the right turnbuckles for your application in our online inventory, please contact us for assistance. We’re here to help!

To see more examples of Wire Rope Turnbuckles and Cable Railings, visit our Gallery.