Lexco Cable is a valued partner of the aerospace industry, stocking a wide array of military and non-military aerospace applications. Since the early 2000s, we’ve been expertly crafting everything from custom mechanical cable to seat adjustment assemblies.

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Custom Requirements
& Projects 

Lexco Cable is proudly ISO9001 certified, and recognized for quality and clear communication structures. This internationally recognized standard acts as a benchmark of Lexco Cable’s dedication and expertise.

  • Custom Assemblies 
  • Wire Rope 
  • Wire Rope Fittings 
  • Wire Rope Hardware & Tools 
  • Architectural Cable Railings 
  • Push-Pull Controls 
  • Bungee Cords

Our custom assemblies have made us a go-to for several leading names within the industry seeking innovative solutions in every channel- from construction and flight to landing and storage. The aerospace industry turns to Lexco Cable for wire rope and mechanical cable assemblies such as: 

  • Lanyards and tethers. Every removable pin or cap in an aircraft is outfitted with one, including those that are removed before flight. 
  • Assemblies for lavatories and seat adjustment cables. 
  • Specific custom assemblies that allow for easy folding of a hobby aircraft’s wings for storage. 
  • Applications for moving, dropping, or lifting cargo, such as specialized doors and hooks. 
  • Lifting slings for aircraft mechanics.
  • Assemblies for unmanned aircraft - also called unmanned aerial vehicles. 
  • Mechanical cable assembly for flight simulators. 
  • Bracing support cables for blimps and weather balloons.
  • Shock-absorbing bungee cord assemblies with MIL-C-5651

Lexco Cable has even left the atmosphere, having created a cable that traveled to Mars. There, it was designed to fail at a specific tensile point in order to deploy a parachute. 
With extensive expertise, Lexco Cable is able to perfectly meet the specialized, specific non-flight-critical wire rope and cable needs of the aerospace industry. If need be, assemblies can be put through a pull-test or proof-load to ensure they’ll meet those crucial requirements, and an AS9102 can be provided to ensure quality. Lexco Cable is also capable of meeting precise tolerances and providing DFARS-compliant assemblies.



ISO9001 Certified 

Lexco Cable is proudly ISO9001 certified, and recognized for quality and clear communication structures. This internationally recognized standard acts as a benchmark of Lexco Cable’s dedication and expertise.

Additional Registrations
and Certifications 

Lexco Cable carries a DOD Code of 252.225-7002 per DFARS compliance. In addition, Lexco Cable is International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) registered. Lexco’s CAGE code is 1VXG5. 


How Does The Aerospace
Industry Use Wire Rope? 

Wire rope has an abundance of uses in the aerospace industry at every level. Cranes that assist in aircraft construction use robust steel cables to lift and lower heavy parts. Planes use aerospace wire and cables internally, specifically Bowden cables, to connect the pedals and levers within the cockpit. The aerospace industry uses wire ropes and cables as shock vibration absorbers - especially in military jets. 

In fact, the aerospace industry makes so much use of wire rope and cable assemblies that this type of cable is now usually referred to as ‘aircraft cable’ - even when it’s not being used for flight controls.

Why Does The Aerospace
Industry Choose Wire Rope?

The aerospace industry uses wire rope because it is strong, reliable, and able to withstand high amounts of force and pressure - such as when it is thousands of feet in the air. These cables also need to be corrosion and heat-resistant. 

Bowden cables, as mentioned, are used because they help transmit energy and force between the cowl flaps, throttle, propellor pitch, and other aircraft areas.
Lexco Cable wire ropes are the favored choice of the aerospace industry because they are safe, adaptable, and strong



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