Lexco Cable is an industry-leading wire rope assembly manufacturer providing innovative assemblies, products, and solutions for fitness cable applications.

Lexco Supports

Lexco Supports Fitness Applications


Lexco’s long-lasting commercial fitness equipment components are built with both customers and users in mind. Our range of high-quality fitness cable assemblies and fitness cable components can cover the needs of any size workout facility.

With an extensive selection of cables, end-fittings, and additional hardware, our fitness assemblies help customers deliver effective strength training. Whether you are looking to specifically isolate one muscle group at a time with a purpose-built aerobic cable assembly, or require a cable replacement solution to get your weight training machines back in operation, Lexco components make the perfect partner for your exercise routine.

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Common Fitness Components

Lexco supplies a variety of fitness cable assemblies and hardware. To discover more of our fitness cable assembly components, contact us directly or visit our catalog.

  • Nylon Coated 7x19 Galvanized Fitness Cable
    • 1/8” to 3/16” Coated Fitness Cable  
    • 3/16” to 1/4” Coated Fitness Cable
  • 7x7 Galvanized Plastic Coated Jump Rope Cables
  • Thimble Loops 
  • Single Shank Balls
  • Eye Ends
  • Threaded Plugs
  • Ball Stoppers
  • 1/2”-13 Bolts
  • Carabiners (Snap Hooks)
  • And More
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Who We Work With

Lexco fabricates fitness cable assemblies and supplies components for industry manufactures of exercise equipment such as resistance machinery and weightlifting equipment. Included among our valued partners in the fitness industry are:

  • Gym Equipment OEM’s
  • Health Clubs
  • Fitness Centers
  • Aftermarket Manufacturers
  • Replacement Vendors
  • Equipment Repair and Maintenance Service Providers
  • Fitness Entrepreneurs