Lexco® Cable is an industry-leading wire rope assembly manufacturer providing innovative assemblies, products, and solutions for fitness cable applications.

Lexco® Supports

Lexco Supports Fitness Applications


Lexco’s long-lasting commercial fitness equipment components are built with both customers and users in mind. Our range of high-quality fitness cable assemblies and fitness cable components can cover the needs of any size workout facility.

With an extensive selection of cables, end-fittings, and additional hardware, our fitness assemblies help customers deliver effective strength training. Whether you are looking to specifically isolate one muscle group at a time with a purpose-built aerobic cable assembly, or require a cable replacement solution to get your weight training machines back in operation, Lexco® components make the perfect partner for your exercise routine.

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Common Fitness Components

Lexco® supplies a variety of fitness cable assemblies and hardware. To discover more of our fitness cable assembly components, contact us directly or visit our catalog.

  • Nylon Coated 7x19 Galvanized Fitness Cable
    • 1/8” to 3/16” Coated Fitness Cable  
    • 3/16” to 1/4” Coated Fitness Cable
  • 7x7 Galvanized Plastic Coated Jump Rope Cables
  • Thimble Loops 
  • Single Shank Balls
  • Eye Ends
  • Threaded Plugs
  • Ball Stoppers
  • 1/2”-13 Bolts
  • Carabiners (Snap Hooks)
  • And More
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Who We Work With

Lexco® fabricates fitness cable assemblies and supplies components for industry manufactures of exercise equipment such as resistance machinery and weightlifting equipment. Included among our valued partners in the fitness industry are:

  • Gym Equipment OEM’s
  • Health Clubs
  • Fitness Centers
  • Aftermarket Manufacturers
  • Replacement Vendors
  • Equipment Repair and Maintenance Service Providers
  • Fitness Entrepreneurs