Lexco® Cable is an industry-leading wire rope assembly manufacturer providing innovative assemblies, products, and solutions for lighting applications.

Lexco® Supports

Lexco Supports Lighting Applications


Lexco® is a leading manufacturer of state-of-the-art lighting cable assemblies for a wide range of industries. We help create lighting solutions ranging from commercial, architectural, and decorative uses to industrial, residential, entertainment, and more. Our mission is to create quality cable assemblies for lighting fixtures that enable your products to deliver lighting solutions for an incredible customer experience.

Whether you’re a commercial manufacturer working on a lighting project for the medical industry, an aftermarket vendor specializing in lighting for education and athletic facilities, or require custom lighting solutions for an artistic design or a decorative architectural experience, we have you covered. You can be assured that you will always receive efficient customer service, quality products, and first-rate cable assemblies when you work with us.

Our cable assemblies enable innovative and efficient lighting solutions for indoor and outdoor applications. From the initial design of your LED, fluorescent, incandescent, or custom lighting cable assembly to its installation, we’re dedicated to the needs of our customers. With a wide range of hardware and fittings also available, our lighting cable assemblies are ready to enhance the safety, design, and brilliance of your portable, fixed, or specialty lighting fixtures.

The Rope

Common Lighting Components

Lexco® supplies a variety of lighting cable assemblies and hardware. To discover more of our lighting cable assembly components, contact us directly or visit our catalog.

  • Cable Diameters 1/32” and Up
  • Button Stops
  • Ball Fittings
  • Stamped Eyelets
  • Sleeves
  • Rize Kwik Locs
  • Eye Bolts
  • Snap Hooks
The Rope

Who We Work With

Lexco® fabricates lighting cable assemblies that are ideal for everything from general-purpose applications to specialized and custom use cases. Among the partners and uses we are proud to support with lighting cable assemblies are:

  • OEMs
  • Aftermarket Vendors
  • Repair Services
  • Trade Shows and Special Events
  • TV and Movie Productions
  • Lighting Contractors
  • Industrial and Commercial Applications
  • Artistic and Theatre Applications
  • Residential and Architectural Uses
  • Custom Fixtures
  • Military and Tactical Projects
  • And More