Lexco® Cable is an industry-leading wire rope assembly manufacturer providing innovative assemblies, products, and solutions for marine applications.


Lexco Supports Marine Applications


Whether you're a boat lift OEM, boat cover OEM, boat dock OEM, yacht racing, fishing, or enjoy getting out on the water, Lexco® has a cable assembly solution for you. The marine industry is full of activities from sailing and fishing to water-skiing and pleasure cruising that benefit from first-rate marine cable assemblies. With Lexco®, you can rest assured that the cables you're using will withstand everything from freshwater to saltwater environments and chlorinated pools.

It's hard to beat the exhilarating feeling of the wind and water in your face. That's why we deliver an extensive selection of custom cable assemblies, bungee cord assemblies, and hardware designed for your safety, ease, and enjoyment out on the water. Whether you need a replacement cable for an outrigger, a cable lock for your kayak, a boat lift, or a custom-tailored cable assembly solution, we build every marine cable to meet your highest standards of quality and performance.

We're here for all your marine cable needs with stainless steel cables designed for corrosion resistance. Let our deep understanding of the marine industry ensure the reliability and safety that propels you to success.

The Rope

Common Marine Components

Lexco supplies a variety of marine cable assemblies and hardware. To discover more of our marine cable assembly components, contact us directly or visit our catalog.

  • Boatlift Cable Assemblies
    • Threaded Stud 
    • Thimble Loop
  • Cable Assemblies for Boat Coverings
    • Ball End Fitting
  • Bungee Cord Assemblies for Boat Dock Awnings
    • Bungee Ball
    • Bungee Hook
  • Cable Assemblies for Water Skiing Boats
    • Button Stop
    • Threaded Stud
  • Outrigger Assemblies for Fishing Boats
    • Marine Turnbuckle
  • Lifeline Assemblies for Sailboats
    • White PVC Coated SS Cable Assembly
    • Pelican Hook
    • Gate Eye
    • Toggle Jaw
    • Threaded Terminal
  • Various Stainless Steel Cable & Hardware (Turnbuckles, eyebolts, Marine Eyes,  & Swage Jaws)
The Rope

Who We Work With

Lexco fabricates marine cable assemblies that are ideal for everything from general-purpose applications to specialized and custom use cases. Among the partners and uses we are proud to support with marine cable assemblies are:

  • Water Recreation Activities
    • Including Kayaking, Sailing, Fishing, and More
  • Individual Hobbyists
  • Commercial Fishing
  • Competitive and Pleasure Fishing
  • Commercial Shipping
  • Naval and Military Vessels
  • Cruise Ships
  • Industrial Ports
  • Docks and Harbors
  • Ocean Drilling Rigs
  • Replacements for Discontinued Products and Assemblies