Lexco® Cable is an industry-leading wire rope assembly manufacturer providing innovative assemblies, products, and solutions for original equipment manufacturers.


Lexco Supports OEM Applications


Lexco® is a leading manufacturer of OEM cable assemblies, bungee assemblies, and hardware. Over 60 years, we have developed close partnerships with original equipment manufacturers across industries, including aerospace and automotive to architecture, marine, fitness, and more. As a national leader, our OEM cable assemblies provide safety, security, and reliability in our partners' products and people's daily lives around the world.

When you choose to work with Lexco® , you'll receive cable assemblies and components designed specifically for your application by the people who know them best. We're dedicated to our work and deliver only the highest quality cable solutions because we understand how essential it is to your final products and trusting customers.

From commercial or military-grade aerospace cable assemblies, automotive push-pull control assemblies, agricultural specialty cables, or an assembly solution for any of the industries we proudly serve, our work helps OEMs create products with peak performance and reliability. By partnering with Lexco® , OEMs can minimize the investment in manufacturing and reduce production and material costs while building products with first-class cable assemblies specifically designed, made, and tested for your finished product.

The Rope

Common OEM Components

Lexco® supplies a variety of OEM cable assemblies and hardware. To discover more of our OEM cable assembly components, contact us directly or visit our catalog.

  • Wire Rope Assemblies
  • Wire Rope Lanyards
  • Wire Rope Tethers
  • Wire rope slings
  • E-stop cables
  • Conveyor cables
  • Threaded rods
  • Tie rods
  • Linkages
  • Chains
  • Tarp straps
The Rope

Who We Work With

Lexco® fabricates OEM cable assemblies that are ideal for everything from general-purpose applications to specialized and custom use cases. Among the industries and uses we are proud to support with OEM cable assemblies are:

  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Architectural
  • Marine 
  • Fitness
  • Lighting
  • Agriculture
  • Tower