Lexco Cable’s Facility Upgrades

At Lexco Cable we pride ourselves on being a family business, and our employees are part of our family. Lexco Cable’s latest initiative is updating our factory into a first-class facility. 

This initiative is inspired by the four pillars Lexco Cable has been built upon:

  • High-quality products 
  • Satisfied customers
  • Continuous improvement
  • Growth 

The first phase of our Facility Improvement Initiative is already in full swing! Last year we repaved all of our parking lots and loading docks and switched all of our main air compressors to VSD (Variable Speed Drive) for a more efficient and quieter workspace our employees can enjoy. We were able to keep our previous air compressors installed as a backup as well. 

Our priority is establishing a premium facility that is safer, better, and more efficient for our employees and that includes air quality. That is why we’ve been upgrading our mist collectors, recently adding a new mist collector to our CNC department in anticipation of a growing number of machines. We also replaced a mist collector in our extrusion dept to increase steam suction. 

Our over 75,000 square foot indoor facility is air-conditioned and heated to an ambient temperature, not only good for our workforce’s comfort but also for the longevity of our equipment and inventory. 

With this large space and high ceilings, the right lighting can make all the difference. That is why the most recent phase of our Facility Improvement Initiative is updating the facility's light fixtures with energy-efficient LED fixtures. The new LED lighting not only supports our intensive quality control process but also consumes about a fifth of the wattage relative to our older bulbs. This higher efficiency in our production process helps us maintain our competitive pricing and be the best partners for our customers. Plus, these improvements have helped provide a brighter and safer facility for our employees. 

Another recent facility upgrade included more comprehensive fire safety. In addition to repainting our fire extinguisher stations for better visibility, we replaced some of our original doors with fire-rated doors. In the event of a fire, these fire-rated doors can slow a fire from spreading protecting our facility, and most importantly, our employees. We also have annual fire drills to ensure our workforce is up to date with current fire safety procedures.

With all these improvements under our belt, we’re still not done! The parking lot, air compressor, mist collectors, lighting upgrades, and fire safety improvements were just part one of our action plan. We’ve already begun preparing our factory for phase two of our Facility Improvement Initiative. Phase two includes installing a downdraft table to control dust and improve air quality in our facility, efficiency improvements to our recycling program, and more! 

Here at Lexco Cable, we are always looking for ways to improve and grow our business and that starts with our products, the facility we produce them in, and our employees. The Lexco Cable manufacturing team is at the heart of our business and we are so excited about our new initiative and all the improvements we are making for everyone to enjoy.  

Lexco® Cable proudly serves a wide variety of industries, including aerospace, marine, safety, lighting, automotive, agriculture, fitness, military, architecture, the OEM market, and more. As one of the nation’s most prominent wire rope assembly manufacturers, we look forward to also becoming one of the nation’s top first-class facilities.