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Aircraft Cable (Strand Core 7x7, 7x19 and 3x7)

Our bare (non-jacketed) aircraft cable inventory includes:

Aircraft cable is Lexco Cable’s specialty. Originally designed for use in the aircraft industry and military applications, aircraft cable’s versatility has led to its use in a wide range of commercial industrial applications.

Aircraft cable is distinguished from wire rope by the type of core used. Aircraft cable is of strand core construction, whereas wire rope is either fiber core or independent rope core. We supply both commercial (RR-W-410) and military grade (MIL-DTL-83420) aircraft cable in various configurations (7x7 and 7x19) constructed from stainless steel (SSAC) or galvanized (GAC) materials.

7x7 has the same breaking strength as 7x19 in diameters 1/16", 5/64" and 3/32".  In diameters of 1/8" and greater 7x19 has a higher breaking strength than 7x7.

Commercial grade (RR-W-410) aircraft cable is typically dry finish.  Military grade (MIL-DTL-83420) aircraft cable has a lubricated finish.

Commercial grade (RR-W-410) aircraft cable typically does not have an identification thread inside.  Military grade (MIL-DTL-83420) aircraft cable always has an identification thread inside.

Commercial grade (RR-W-410) aircraft cable does not require cycle testing.  Military grade (MIL-DTL-83420) aircraft cable does have cycle testing qualifications.

Commercial grade (RR-W-410) aircraft cable is available in both import origin (China, S. Korea, etc) and domestic origin (Stranded & Closed in USA).  Military grade (MIL-DTL-83420) aircraft cable is only available in domestic origin (Stranded & Closed in USA). 

Commercial grade (RR-W-410) aircraft cable is not recommended for critical aviation application. Military grade (MIL-DTL-83420) aircraft cable is recommended for critical aviation application.

Aircraft cable is specified by the number of strands in the rope times the number of wires in each strand. For example, “7x19” means the rope has seven (7) strands, with 19 wires in each strand. 7x19 is the most flexible aircraft cable construction. 7x19 is approximately twice as flexible as 7x7 construction.  Aircraft cable is rated by its nominal break strength. For non-critical applications typical working load limit for aircraft cable is based on 5:1 safety factor.  Our aircraft cable is available in a range of diameters, from 1/32” to 3/8”, with specialty callouts available upon request. We also encourage you to download our spec sheets.

GAC = Galvanized Aircraft Cable
SSAC = Stainless Steel Aircraft Cable

MIL-DTL-83420 Type I = Non-jacketed military specification aircraft cable

RR-W-410 Type VI, Class 1 = 3x7
RR-W-410 Type VI, Class 2 = 7x7
RR-W-410 Type VI, Class 3 = 7x19

Domestic origin aircraft cable: Stranded & Closed in USA aircraft cable.

100% made in USA aircraft cable:  US melted wire rod which has been stranded & closed in USA.

A request for DFARS compliant aircraft cable can be satisfied by requesting stainless steel aircraft cable of domestic origin (stranded & closed in USA).  

The aircraft cable FAQs

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