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Button Stops, Wire Rope

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Button stops are popular end fittings for cable assemblies.  Button stops are cylindrical, with a single cable hole, and include a chamfer on at least one side for easier installation. They can act as a bearing point at the end of an assembly, can be used to prevent cables from fraying, or can be installed midway along a cable’s length for special applications. Lexco Cable’s button stops are available in various sizes and materials of construction. Our button stop inventory includes:

Aluminum and copper button stops are smaller than their stainless steel and carbon counterparts, and therefore yield a lower holding strength.

Carbon steel and stainless steel button stops must be machine swaged, and are swaged round. Though machine swaging is preferred, as it creates a stronger, more secure hold, aluminum and copper button stops can be swaged with hand tools. When machine swaged, aluminum and copper button stops can be swaged round, hex, or pressed flat.

Note: The holding strength of a button stop is affected by the construction of the cable onto which it is installed. A button stop installed on a 7x7 cable will yield a different holding strength than an identical button stop installed on a 1x19 cable, for example. It is recommended that a pull test be performed to verify the button stop’s holding strength

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Please visit our Button Stop FAQs for more information.

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