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Closed Swage Sockets, Wire Rope

When installed onto general purpose wire rope, closed swage sockets offer up to five times longer life than spelter sockets. An independent research study has proven that swaged sockets have superior fatigue life than other commonly used types of boom pendants.

End fittings for large diameter wire ropes and strand are typically referred to as “sockets.” The word “closed” here indicates that there is an eye shape at the end of the fitting.

Lexco Cable offers closed swage sockets in carbon steel or stainless steel construction. Plating and galvanizing of carbon steel closed swage sockets is available upon request.

Our closed swage sockets are available in various sizes to accommodate cable from 1/4" to 3” in diameter.

Closed spelter sockets and closed bridge spelter sockets are also available from Lexco.

Note: Closed swage sockets are recommended for use on 6x19 or 6x37 IWRC regular lay wire rope. They are also satisfactory on galvanized bridge rope. They are not recommended for use on fiber core or lang lay ropes. Before using a closed swage socket with wire rope of other lay, construction, or grade, it is recommended that the termination be proof-loaded to prove the adequacy of the assembly.

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