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Wire Rope Clip FAQs

How do you install wire rope clips?
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The correct way to attach wire rope clips is illustrated above.

1. Apply the first clip one base width from the dead end of the wire rope. The base or saddle should bear on the line end of the rope – U-bolt on the short end. Tighten nuts firmly.

2. Attach second clip as close to loop as possible. Tighten nuts but not firmly.

3. Attach balance of clips spaced equally between first two clips. Tighten all nuts completely. Apply initial load – inspect nuts and retighten. Inspect all clips periodically.

How do you splice two wire ropes together using wire rope clips?
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The preferred method of splicing two wire ropes together is to use interlocking turnback eyes with thimbles, using the recommended number of clips on each eye (See Figure 5).

An alternate method is to use twice the number of clips as used for a turnback termination. The rope ends are placed parallel to each other, overlapping by twice the turnback amount shown in the application instructions. The minimum number of clips should be installed on each dead end (See Figure 6). Spacing, installation torque, and other instructions still apply.

What is the recomended number of clips to use?
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Stainless steel Type 316 wire rope clips are used for what types of applications?
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Acidic environments

Salt water

Malleable electro-galvanized wire rope clips are used for what types of applications?
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General purpose

Indoors or outdoors

Not for extreme load applications

Drop forged galvanized wire rope clips are used for what types of applications?
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Heavy duty or high load applications

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