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Vinyl & Nylon-Coated Cables FAQs

How does vinyl coating differ from nylon coating?
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Nylon is harder than vinyl and has better impact, abrasion, and fatigue resistance than vinyl. Nylon is better suited for friction with pulleys and sheaves. However, vinyl is more flexible and has better UV resistance. Vinyl coating costs less than nylon coating.

What applications does vinyl make sense for?
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General purpose, Sailing, Security, Towing, Outdoors (sunny or cold environments)

What applications does nylon make sense for?
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Pulleys (exercise equipment, conveyer pulleys, etc.), Acidic environments (sewers, wells, etc.), Indoors (minimal sun light)

What are the different constructions of vinyl and nylon coated cable?
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Vinyl and nylon coatings are primarily stocked in 7x7 and 7x19 constructions, but other constructions are available upon special request.

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