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Galvanized Eye Bolts (Import), Wire Rope

Lexco Cable’s galvanized eye bolts are forged for strength. They are suitable for use in a range of indoor and outdoor applications. A wide variety of lengths are available to meet your needs.

Both plain (“regular”) and shoulder eye bolts are available. Regular nut eye bolts do not come standard with fully-threaded shanks; however, fully-threaded shanks are available upon special request. Machinery eye bolts are also available in plain and shackled styles. Machinery eye bolts are short, but come standard with fully threaded shanks.

Machinery style eye bolts do not include accompanying hex nuts; nuts are included with other types.

Note: The working load limit of eye bolts is based on straight pulls. Angled pulls should be minimized or avoided when possible. Typically, a 45° pull angle will reduce the working load strength of an eye bolt by a factor of four.

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