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Plated & Galvanized Thimbles, Wire Rope

Lexco Cable offers plated and galvanized thimbles in a wide range of sizes.

Zinc plated thimbles have smaller inside diameters than galvanized thimbles, and also use the thinnest material in their construction, making them easier to bend. Zinc plated thimbles do not correspond to any Federal Specs; but upon special request, they can be supplied in accordance with AN100 specifications.

Galvanized thimbles are available in light-duty (sometimes called standard-duty) and heavy-duty models. Heavy-duty galvanized thimbles offer the largest available inside diameter, and are manufactured from the thickest material by size of any thimble variety. Imported and domestic galvanized thimbles are available—please specify your preference, if any.

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Wire rope products are utilized in vastly diverse industries and environments. Our job at Lexco Cable is to guide our customers' decisions in selecting the optimal combination of wire rope products for their unique applications.