We manufacture custom push-pull controls for applications ranging from cattle farming and the United States military to slot machines and emergency releases. Every push-pull cable control is built to our exacting standards to deliver the performance you deserve using the highest quality Cablecraft push-pull control hardware to provide minimal backlash and low friction. 

At Lexco® Cable, we can fabricate custom Cablecraft push-pull controls for OEM’s and aftermarket users seeking replacements, including:

  • Standard Push-Pulls
  • Automotive Shift Specialty Cables
  • Control Head Push-Pulls
  • Husco 5000 Valve Control Cables
  • Pull-Only Brake Cables
  • Unidrum Lever Control Cables
  • Pull-Only Throttle/Accelerator Cables
  • High-Performance Marine Blue Max
  • Pull-Only Clutch Cables
  • Locking Brake Levers
  • Remote Valve Control Cables
  • Cable Mounting Kits
  • Modular Unit Cables
  • Manual Transmission Cable Systems
  • 918 Series Vertical Gear Shifter Systems
  • 923 Series Horizontal Gear Shifter Systems
  • 925 Series Horizontal Gear Shifter Systems

Our experts are here to help you manage and understand the key considerations for your project. If you have a question or need assistance in selecting the proper components for your custom push-pull control assembly, please contact us.