Aircraft cable is our specialty. Distinguished from wire rope by the type of core used and originally designed for use in the aircraft industry and military applications, the versatility of our aircraft cables has led to their use in a wide range of commercial industrial applications.

Made of strand core construction, we supply both commercial (ASTM A1023 and RR-W-410) and military-grade (MIL-DTL-83420) aircraft cables in various configurations (7x7 and 7x19) constructed from stainless steel (SSAC) or galvanized (GAC) materials.

For non-critical applications, the typical working load limit for aircraft cable is based on a 5:1 safety factor. Our aircraft cable is available in a range of diameters, from 1/32” to 3/8”, with specialty callouts available upon request. Requests for DFARS compliant aircraft cable can be satisfied by requesting stainless steel aircraft cable of domestic origin.

Download our Spec Sheet for more details.

Commercial Grade

ASTM  A1023 & RR-W-410


Dry finish (most common)

Lubricated finish

No identification thread 

Identification thread

Does not require cycle testing

Cycle testing qualifications required

Import and domestic origins available

Domestic origin available only

Not recommended for critical aviation applications

Recommended for critical aviation applications

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