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Selecting the Right Custom Wire Rope Threaded Stud for Your Project

What is your cable diameter? What is your working load limit? What is your thread size and pitch? These are important questions to ask when selecting the right custom wire rope threaded stud, but it is more than a technical decision. Selecting the right custom wire rope threaded stud is a strategic decision that can significantly influence the outcome of your project. Essential for everything from structural integrity to aesthetics, choosing the right threaded stud becomes a cornerstone of project success. This article outlines the critical aspects of selecting wire rope threaded studs, underscoring the benefits of custom solutions for projects demanding precision and durability.

Understanding Wire Rope Threaded Studs

Wire Rope threaded studs are integral components used across a broad spectrum of wire rope assembly projects, designed to provide a robust and reliable means of fastening materials together. These studs come in various types, including threaded terminals, threaded plugs, and threaded sleeves, each serving a specific function.

Threaded Terminals

Threaded terminals are primarily used for permanent connections and are essential for cable railing systems. These terminals are a specific type of threaded stud, typically made from stainless steel, designed to accommodate the unique demands of cable railings. The most common diameters available for these terminals are 1/8 inch, 3/16 inch, and 1/4 inch, as these sizes are ideally suited for most cable railing applications. Additionally, the availability of models used with hand tools for the 1/8 inch and 3/16 inch sizes caters mainly to do-it-yourself projects and field installations.

Threaded Plugs

Threaded plugs are typically intended for aircraft cable diameters 1/32” through 3/8”. The thread size is equivalent to the before swage diameter. For example, 1/4”-20 plugs are made from 1/4” stock diameter and measure 1/4” OD before swaging. Threaded plugs are typically shorter than threaded studs. Threaded plugs typically feature a hexagonal swage for easier application. While threaded plugs are highly customizable to meet specific requirements, it is essential to note that they may not always maintain 100% of the wire rope's strength. A pull test is recommended to ensure safety and effectiveness. This threaded stud type is particularly valuable in commercial and industrial settings where reliability and adaptability are essential.

Threaded Sleeves

Threaded sleeves are uniquely designed with a through-hole in lieu of a blind hole for the wire rope. Initially, these sleeves are attached as blank cylinders without threads; the threading is applied in a secondary operation after swaging the sleeve onto the wire rope. This additional step in their manufacturing makes them more time-intensive to produce. Threaded sleeves are used where space is limited, and strength is required. This makes them ideal for situations where traditional threaded studs are impractically long or when heavy-duty performance is necessary despite clearance constraints. 

Considerations for Choosing a Wire Rope Threaded Stud

A detailed assessment of project specifications is essential when determining the most suitable wire rope threaded stud for your project. Considerations should include the desired thread size and pitch (see Lexco Cable’s Metric Thread Size Chart and UNC & UNF Thread Size Chart), material requirements, and any special features such as extended lengths or specific finishes that might be necessary for your application. Additionally, the intended cable or wire rope diameter is crucial in ensuring compatibility and functionality. It is also important to consider how much thread length is required for secure fastening and to meet the holding strength requirements of the project. Understanding these nuances is key to making an informed selection that aligns with the project's needs and budgetary constraints.

Benefits of Custom Wire Rope Threaded Studs

Custom wire rope threaded studs offer unparalleled advantages by precisely meeting the unique demands of specific industries. One significant advantage of using custom wire rope threaded studs is their ability to work seamlessly with rigid and flexible wire rope constructions, as the wire rope dead ends inside the threaded stud. This feature allows for a range of applications, adapting to various mechanical and environmental conditions. These studs offer adjustability, enabling fine-tuning of assembly length simply by moving the hex nut along the threaded portion, which can be critical in projects requiring precise dimensional control.

Another benefit of custom wire rope threaded studs is their integrated design. Unlike traditional setups that require forming a cable loop and attaching an eye bolt, these studs can be swaged directly onto the cable. This eliminates the need for separate loop and eye components, offering a two-in-one solution that enhances overall assembly efficiency. Custom threaded studs can save costs and reduce failure points in critical applications.

Custom Capabilities at Lexco Cable

Lexco Cable is committed to providing custom solutions that align with client specifications. We leverage advanced CNC machinery to transform raw materials into wire rope threaded studs of any specification, ensuring each piece meets commercial-grade standards or even the stringent requirements of MS21259 and MS21260. Our ability to quote based on prints, sketches, spec sheets, or samples offers flexibility for custom fastening solutions.

Lexco Cable machines in-house a thread size range from #2 to 1-1/4" threads and the ability to supply larger sizes through subcontracting. We provide right-hand threads and left-hand threads so we can accommodate assemblies needing both. Our capabilities include creating threaded studs with special features like cross holes, which can serve as inspection points or accommodate cotter pins for additional security. We offer various finishes, including annealing, zinc plating, galvanizing, and passivation for stainless steel studs, to meet specific environmental and durability requirements. We can provide wrench flats for easier installation or select materials like type 316 stainless steel to match the corrosion resistance needed for corrosive environments.

Furthermore, Lexco Cable understands the importance of verifying the integrity of our custom products. For critical applications, we can perform destructive pull tests to qualify the breaking strength of a threaded stud or proof load threaded stud assemblies to ensure they meet operational safety standards.


Lexco Cable stands at the forefront of custom fastening solutions, equipped with the technology and expertise to deliver custom wire rope threaded studs that align precisely with any project’s requirements. If you aim for optimal outcomes, we invite you to tap into Lexco Cable’s vast resources and custom manufacturing capabilities.

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