Cable Assembly Coupler
Custom Cable Hardware


The Challenge

An HVAC industry wholesaler approached Lexco with a request for a distinctive assembly accessory. Their requirement was for a coupler designed to seamlessly join two assemblies for extension purposes, while also offering the flexibility of easy removal. To meet this specific need, customizations were needed for the dimensions and features of the coupler.

The Solution 

To achieve fit, form, and function, a machined tube fitting was needed, including cross holes. However, pre-cutting from standard tube stock was infeasible due to the need for a thicker wall than our available tubes could provide. Lexco’s in-house CNC department utilized bar stock and drilled an ID to suit. Yet, recognizing that a simple cylindrical interior wouldn't ensure a secure connection with the hex terminations on the connecting assemblies, we integrated wrench flats. These flats aided field installers in effortlessly positioning the coupler.

Leveraging Lexco's extensive range of hydraulic presses and swaging expertise, our Engineering department devised a method to partially reshape the round fitting, enhancing its compatibility. Furthermore, our adept Engineers at Lexco streamlined production efficiency by developing a process to handle multiple fittings in a single press stroke.

The Results 

  • Lexco’s customer single sourced custom flexible assemblies and couplers as needed for a variety of field conditions. 
  • Lexco partnered with the customer on specs and fit, form, function.
  • Lexco kept price within budget and lead time under control through in-house machining capabilities and Engineering service.