Cable Latch System

The Challenge

Last year, 2021, was a time of challenges, but none more than having only one company who required a cable latch system manufactured to fit their specific needs. To make matters more difficult their existing manufacturer no longer builds this type of system.

The Solution

Recognizing a need within the market, Lexco quoted an equivalent version of the assembly to the customer. Immediately, a prototype was created, and the fit function was accepted and approved by the customer. Through the course of this transition, Lexco made the following unique assembly features:

  • Plunger pin with internal return spring supported by adapter
  • 1/2"-13 thread one side & 9/16”-18 thread the other side
  • Mounting bracket
  • Braided conduit
  • T-handle with set screw
  • 1/2" travel
  • Lubricated inner cable

Word of mouth spread quickly regarding Lexco's modifications. Soon they became the go-to supplier for making this unique assembly in the cable latch system for the push-pull category.

The Results

By reverse engineering the cable latch system, Lexco was able to:

  • Submit with prototypes for the customer’s approval process on a timely basis.
  • Satisfy a customer’s fit/form/function assembly requirements.
  • Qualify Lexco as a new source to support a North American OEM
  • Stabilize supply chain to keep up with customers’ demand for a hard-to-find custom item.
  • Blanket orders for multiple releases shipping to multiple locations.

The Lexco Story

Since 1952, Lexco® Cable has been a leader in custom wire rope assembly fabrication. As a family-owned company, Lexco builds on its continued success by supporting customers with their expanding capabilities, outstanding product performance, and unmatched personal attention through responsive, conscientious customer service.