Custom Coiled Assembly

The Challenge

A customer approached us with a specific requirement for a coil assembly to create a hood restraint cable. The assembly needed the capability to extend up to 26-3/16 inches and, when retracted, measure less than 9 inches. Achieving consistency in both the extension and retraction lengths was crucial. Additionally, the challenge was heightened as the assembly required a bare coil, increasing the complexity of the design due to its less forgiving nature and unique shape requirements.

The Solution

At Lexco, our focus on delivering consistent, high-quality solutions led us to a meticulous approach in designing this custom coiled assembly. We ensured that the assembly legs were uniformly connected to the fittings and maintained an equal number of coil rotations. This attention to detail extended to the center of the assembly, where we incorporated a straightened transition. This feature was critical for allowing the assembly to extend and retract evenly, achieving the required full extension and retracted lengths. It was a subtle yet vital component of the design, as overlooking it could have resulted in a retracted length that did not meet the customer's specifications.


Lexco controlled an array of aspects for this custom coil cable assembly including:

  • Coil diameter 
  • Coil rotations 
  • Central coil direction 
  • Length consistency
  • Tolerances satisfied

The result was a unique custom hood restraint cable assembly that not only provided uniform flexibility but also featured a specialized transition. This design successfully met the customer's expectations in terms of fit, form, and functionality, demonstrating our ability to tackle complex and precise assembly requirements.