The Challenge

A Lexco® Cable customer in the mining industry was in need of cable for floating walkways that could provide access for employees to hard-to-reach work areas. As the cable would be used outdoors in a rough environment, selecting a cable with high corrosion resistance and the appropriate diameter and strength to withstand the force of wind and waves was essential. The length of the cables also needed to be variable in accordance with specific walkway models, as the customer’s unique specifications included multiple rail systems with different designs.

The Solution

Lexco® Cable proudly collaborates with customers in a myriad of industries to provide high-quality custom cabling that meets aesthetic, strength, and environmental requirements — and that is exactly what we did here. 

After consulting with the customer about their specific use case, we recommended that a thick-walled PVC coated cable be used. The PVC coating is durable and provides a smooth gripping surface while protecting the cable from corrosion and was colored yellow to ensure high-visibility and safety. 

Cables were fitted with stainless steel threads to ensure the threads remain rust-free, and, for ease of installation, the cables were individually tagged by Lexco® according to length for use with each of the customer’s rail systems. 

The Result

By working with customers to understand their specific needs, our experienced team of professionals helped develop a custom cabling solution to meet the customer’s requirements. We provided all of the cabling that serves as the rail system in these walkways. 

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