Fabric Structure

The Challenge

Like many manufacturers, Lexco Cable needed to find a creative storage solution for our growing facility. Since we are located in Norridge, IL weather protection and satisfying local building codes were our primary concerns. Additionally, we wanted to be sure we capitalized on the limited space available next to an existing building and fence. 

The Solution

Naturally, we thought of Accu-steel, Inc. a long-time client of Lexco Cable for their leading fabric structures and buildings. Like Lexco Cable, Accu-steel offers a variety of customizable options and solutions. For example, the structure's length, width, and height dimensions are all customer-specified so you can maximize your available space for optimal storage. The number of doors, door sizes, and door access locations are customizable as well, plus there are 12 typical building profile shapes to choose from. We went with a particular roofline due to the proximity to another structure. 

Structure strength is another factor we took into consideration when looking for a solution. Unlike a tent, Accu-Steel’s structure can handle significant amounts of snow, rain, and wind. The wire rope and turnbuckles provide load bracing and adjustability making it a durable and dependable storage solution.

Accu-Steel’s fabric structures are practical, adaptable to a variety of spaces and locations, can work in our urban environment, and fit next to our factory. The fabric membrane is flame retardant, fungal resistant, and UV stable. The best part? The installation was hassle-free and done by a contractor, the structure includes mesh vents, and comes with a manufacturer’s warranty. Lastly, the entire structure can be disassembled, transported, and reassembled so no matter where Lexco Cable goes, our Accu-Steel structure can come with us. 

The Results

We are always happy to support our clients in any way we can, and Lexco Cable is proud to be a part of the Accu-Steel supply chain. In this instance, it was a perfect match! Accu-Steel uses Lexco Cable products in their commercial fabric buildings, and now Lexco Cable’s facility features one of Accu-Steel’s fabric structures! We’re thrilled with the results and the extra storage space is already being put to good use!