Neptune's Brewery Hops Trellis And Fencing

The Challenge

Craft brewer Neptune’s Brewery cultivates their own hops to give their beers and ales a robust and distinctive flavor. As a small enterprise with limited growing space, trellising the hop vines proved to be a great option for steering the mass of foliage in a vertical direction. The space-hungry plants like to climb, and square trellises provided a place for the vines to get adequate sunshine while also adding a unique element to the landscape. We were tasked with supplying them with cable and clips for their trellis and fencing.

The Solution

Stock galvanized steel cable from Lexco® Cable was the ideal choice for giving them the flexibility to adapt the trellis configuration to their space while providing the strength to support the vines. We supplied them with bulk 1/8” and 3/16” aircraft cable and fasteners. They cut the wire rope cabling in-field to the exact lengths needed and secured it with heavy-duty clips.

The Results

Using galvanized cabling is economical, and its flexibility is good for loop ends construction. This particular diameter is beneficial for growing; the plant vines easily grip onto the cable, allowing ease of crawling/growth. For more information about this project or our stock wire rope products, contact us today.