Replacement Fishing Outrigger Assembly

The Challenge

Rupp Marine, a supplier of premium fishing equipment, had discontinued production of their outrigger series 2 replacement cables. Outriggers – heavy-duty fishing rods ranging in length from 25 to 50 feet – are commonly used to trawl for marlin and tuna by commercial and recreational fishing vessels.
Lexco® Cable was contacted by a customer inquiring if it would be possible to have replacement cables manufactured for their outriggers. Without new cables, the existing outriggers would need to be replaced at a significant cost. Each outrigger had unique specifications.

The Solution

After a collaborative effort by the in-house engineering and CNC departments, Lexco® was able to fabricate an aftermarket placement with the specifications of:

  • 1/16 inch, 1X19 SS316 cable
  • 3/8 hex turnbuckle body, 12-24 thread LH/RH SS316
  • 12-24 threaded stud with wrench flats SS316
  • 12-24 custom stub end with ball shank SS316

Having quoted an original shipment date of six to eight weeks, Lexco® was able to exceed the customer’s expectations by delivering the custom parts in an expedited three to five weeks timeframe thanks to the dedication and ingenuity of our team.

The Result

The customer was thrilled with their new outrigger cables and having been spared the cost of replacing all of their existing equipment. At the customer’s suggestion, Lexco® Cable reached out to Rupp Marine to inform them that we would be willing to serve their customers’ needs for outrigger replacement cables going forward. Rupp Marine graciously accepted and now refers their replacement cable inquiries to Lexco® Cable.