Wire Rope Assemblies
for Trade Show Exhibits

The Challenge

A customer needed load-rated cable assemblies with identification, Certificates of Conformance (COC), and specific clearance for a unique connection, all before a firm deadline. Originally the customer bought cables from another vendor. However, this decision led to a significant setback when a cable loop failed during its application in trade show rigging—a critical setup where all lights and signage at the exhibits depend on the reliability of these cable assemblies. The prospect of injury from a falling sign is a serious concern at any trade show, underscoring the importance of dependable rigging solutions. In search of enhanced quality and reliability, the customer turned to Lexco. This move aimed to eliminate future failures and instill a sense of security and peace of mind for all involved.

The Solution

To improve the strength of the loops, Lexco machine swaged the compression sleeves, enabling the loops to hold to the cable's Minimum Breaking Strength (MBS). Lexco determined that the former vendor had crimped the loop with a hand or bench manual tool. Hand & Bench tool crimped loops are less reliable, due to less strength efficiency, and crimp inconsistencies. Machine swaging is Lexco’s standard procedure, utilizing a swage die that exceeds the sleeve's width, ensuring the sleeve is uniformly compressed without any flash. To prove the machine swaged quality, Lexco performed a first article destructive pull-test with each production release. The test results exceeded cable MBS every time. Additionally, Lexco installed a thimble with extra width on every loop, giving the loops clearance for the customer's shackle pin and protecting the loop from friction with repeated usage. Each assembly was tagged by Lexco, detailing the size, length, Working Load Limit (WLL), customer's name, and contact number, with a COC included to guarantee quality and compliance.


Lexco met all customer specifications and delivered on time. The customers received custom-fabricated assemblies, accompanied by quality assurance that instilled confidence. This enabled the customer to place reorders with confidence, knowing the quality and reliability of Lexco's products and services.