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Tension Gauges

Lexco Cable offers two types of tension gauge tools, each providing fast, easy, and accurate tension measurement.

The first type has an analog meter that the user relies on to take the measurement. This type is only calibrate to accurately measure 1x19 strand construction. Common 1x19 applications for this type of tension gauge include guy wires, cable railings, sailboat rigging.

The second type has a digital meter display and is customizable. The sheaves can be switched out with different sizes to handle a wider variety of cable diameters. The calibration of this tension gauge can also be customized—it comes factory calibrated to the diameter and construction of your choosing, but when other projects with different diameters and/or constructions come up, you can send the gauge back to the factory for recalibration. Please note that fees apply for recalibration.

If you require a non-standard or custom tension gauge tool that you can’t find listed on our website, please contact us and we will be happy to review your request.

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