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Threaded Studs & Threaded Plugs, Wire Rope

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MS21259 Stud:

  • The MS21259 Studs include a wrench flat and inspection hole.  They are UNF thread, SS and hold to breaking strength of 7x7 & 7x19 aircraft cable or rope constructions to 19x7, 6x19 Class IWRC, Class 6x37 Class IWRC.

MS21260 Locking Stud:

  • The MS21260 locking stud shares many characteristics of the MS21259, the main difference is the MS21260 has a shorter thread length.

Threaded Plug:

  • Short overall length
  • Cost-effective
  • Typically machined, swaged, hex
  • Threaded plugs do not necessarily hold 100% wire rope strength.  A pull test is recommended for qualification.  Of this product category, the threaded plugs are the most customizable.

SS Swage Stud:

  • SS swage studs are similar to MS21259.  Notable differences include the type of stainless which is Type 316, thread pattern, UNC.  Also, swage studs do not have an inspection hole.

SS Threaded Stud:

  • SS threaded studs are heavy duty.  Thread size is often twice the corresponding wire rope diameter.
  • They are typically-Type 303 or 304 but can be special ordered in Type 316
  • UNC Thread can be UNF
  • Do not have a wrench flat but can be special ordered
  • Machine swaged, round
  • Longer thread length can be ground by special request
  • Larger sizes also available by special request

Carbon Steel Stud:

  • Are typically plain finish but can be supplied in zinc or galvanized.  Like threaded plugs, the before swage diameter is equal to the nominal thread size.  It’s a good, all-around, heavy duty stud.

Carbon Steel Stud:

  • Have an after swage diameter equal to the nominal thread size.  Because they have a greater wall thickness in the swaging area, they can sometimes have an increased holding strength on strand construction such as 1x19.  These threaded studs are well suited for some of the toughest applications.
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