Lexco Cable Receives Fifth Annual Cablecraft™ Special Recognition Award

Cablecraft™ is a global leader in engineered motion controls, created through the combination of two iconic brands: Cable Manufacturing & Assembly and Cablecraft™. They offer a broad range of products, including control cables (push and push-pull), rod ends, ball joints, linkages, and remote actuation products. Their rich history dates back to the 1920s, and today, they are a market leader in the design and manufacture of high-performance, mission-critical motion control products, serving diverse industries such as power sports, heavy truck, marine, construction, and agriculture. 

Cablecraft™ strives to be the recognized leader in each market they serve through its commitment to engineered solutions, broad product offerings, and high-quality products. Their staff provides superior engineering support, complete reliability, and excellent service to meet their customers' unique product needs.

This year, Lexco received Cablecraft’s™ Fifth Annual Special Recognition Award for its impressive 61% increase in sales. Lexco Cable has been a Cablecraft™ Certified Assembler for over a decade. Cablecraft™ has an extensive network of certified assemblers who are recognized for their outstanding sales performance or innovative use of Cablecraft™ products. In addition, Lexco often sources push-pull components from Cablecraft™ to manufacture custom cable assemblies and distribute related hardware, including ball joints. Some of the Cablecraft™ push-pulls are designed for aftermarket replacements, while others are tailored to meet the requirements of OEMs. With this partnership, Lexco Cable is well-equipped to provide its customers with high-quality cable solutions that meet their unique needs.

Lexco understands the importance of industry partnerships. The company is constantly working to maintain and establish new partnerships that directly benefit Lexco’s customers. Lexco Cable Vice President David Karbin stated, “Lexco is honored to accept the Fifth Annual Cablecraft™ Special Recognition Award. We couldn’t be happier with this mutually beneficial partnership.”

To learn more about Lexco Cable’s Cablecraft™ offerings, visit the push-pull control gallery at https://www.lexcocable.com/resources/gallery/?filter=Push-Pull-Control